Other Institutions

Fixed Income Portfolio Management

Baxter Capital Management is an institutional investment advisor specializing in fixed income securities. Any institution, whether a business, church, pension fund, nonprofit, etc., can benefit from our expertise and our direct connection with many of the largest securities dealers in the country.

As fixed income specialists, we create and manage bond portfolios on an advisory basis. For new clients, we begin with an analysis of the existing investment policy. We then develop strategies that are tailored to each client's particular liquidity needs and risk preferences. Specific investment recommendations are presented to the client, and after receiving approval BCM will execute the trade(s) through our select group of approved dealers. Yield is maximized by our constant attention to the full spectrum of available investment grade, fixed income vehicles.

As a fiduciary, we always act in the best interest of our clients. And, since we are not a broker, we do not charge any commissions or mark-ups, so we are able to provide unbiased, third-party advice at a low cost. Our advisory fee is paid monthly and is based entirely on the size of the investment portfolio, not individual transactions.


Baxter Capital Management provides state of the art monthly investment management reports for all of our clients on the first business day of each month. Our reporting system was developed in-house and therefore can be modified to fit the specific needs of our clients.

Monthly Investment Reports include:

  • Securities Listing by Maturity

  • Portfolio Highlights (book value by time to maturity)

  • Securities Portfolio Inventory (includes market values and unrealized gain/loss)

  • Transactions Journal

  • Security Account Ledger/Activity Report (includes accruals/accretions)

  • Accounting Report

  • Variable Rate Securities Listing by Next Reset Date

  • Securities Ratings

  • Holdings by Issuer

  • Distribution of Investments by Type

  • Maturity/Weighted Average Life/Duration Listing

  • Security Fair Values and Sensitivities (if applicable)