Banks & Credit Unions


No commissions. No mark-ups. Just unbiased, third-party advice tailored to your institution's needs. And, as a fiduciary, we will always act in your best interest.

Whether it's treasuries, agencies, MBS/CMOs, corporate & municipal bonds, or insured CDs, we'll track down the best investment at the best price.

Benefits include:

  • Trade execution

  • Access to larger dealers

  • No loss of control (non-discretionary)

  • Bond accounting provided

Asset/Liability Management

Alright, we'll admit it... we love ALM! And we realize that not everyone shares our passion.

So, if your ALM process is exasperating and unhelpful, let us show you a better way.

Our clients send us their raw input data, and we handle the rest:

  • Non-maturity deposit analysis

  • Detailed assumptions for prepayment speeds, discount rates, etc.

  • ALM reporting and validation

  • Liquidity stress testing

When ALM is done right, it is a blessing, not a curse. Just ask our clients.

CECL Support

Many financial institutions are still preparing to implement the new CECL standard for estimating credit losses. And while the deadline hasn't arrived yet, these next several months are crucial for beginning the data collection and modelling process.

As economic analysts and forecasters, our team is uniquely qualified to help our clients navigate this significant change. Whether it's setting up a CECL policy, establishing the appropriate criteria for estimating losses, or implementing our economic model into your monthly process, we are here to help!